MOVING IT OUT to heal the hurting child within.

I’ve started Trauma Therapy!  At 75!  After a month away from home (& offline) I have come to my senses!!  Thanks to my grandson triggering me into a major meltdown!  I realized then as I sat in quiet tears that anybody else wouldn’t react like I do, and that it is my childhood, that wee gal who is still hurting.  And so I made the appointment!

I know my therapist & felt safe as she helps me with my daily life stresses.  Now, however, I needed and knew I could go further.  And it’s all about the sensations, those feelings that occur so strongly in the now being linked to a long-term memory in my childhood where I felt de-valued, abandoned, etc.   After all I was 5 when I was sent away and conceived into an alcoholic fuelled and, I imagine now, dysfunctional family.

So, to go with my psychological health healing I am removing myself from social events and chit chat.   Saying NO to friends.   Focussing my energies on creating a beautiful garden and majorly following a new diet protocol buying local, organic food regularly. Enjoying my own gentle company.

And already I feel lighter!  As I drive or cycle thru the leafy flower filled lanes here in Cornwall I feel safe and secure and happy.  It is the right time.

Daria Halprin  in her book The Expressive Body in Life, Art and Therapy, explains the 5-part process:

  • Identification
  • Confrontation
  • Release
  • Change
  • Growth

I like it!  Lots of work to do with Tracy and at home dancing it out.

I am in my final growth spurt!!!