New book: What happened to Katy Pender?

And on to my next book.

In 1913 Katy Pender sold her family home in Cornwall and moved a few miles down the road into a room near Castle Beach in Falmouth.   The land was sold to a local farmer, broken up and houses and bungalows were built on this beautiful stretch of the Helford River.  The oyster beds at Port Navas were sold to what would later become the Duchy of Cornwall;  the land has recently been sold so no longer will oysters be fished at Port Navas.

What happened?  How did Katy Pender feel?  What is the story of my great grandmother and those that worked for her?  A small manor house that my ancestors lived and my Granny Hood was born in?   What is the (true) story?  I feel drawn to find out!

If you have any information that I might include in a book please get in touch.

Thank you.

Carole Inman, Cornwall

Great granddaughter to Catherine Maria (Katy) Pender.


(Initial draft September 2023, 100 years on.)